This ‘magic bullet’ reduces stress fast, without gimmicks or pills

Stress. Anxiety. Stress and anxiety. By now, we all recognize what a number stress and anxiety can do on our quality of life, blocking us from leading the life we deserve.

Trouble falling asleep or sleeping through the night, frequent intestinal upsets with no underlying medical cause, inability to remain focused and effective through the completion of a task at work or home, impatience over issues that never bothered you before.

While some of these symptoms can certainly have other causes, they are often the result of the stress we carry, day in and day out.

Stress Anxiety Relief - Mindfulness

National Health Service Direct estimates that 1 in 50 people will suffer from a generalized anxiety disorder at some point. Ask the person next to you in line or at the movies or on a bus and you’ll come to the conclusion that everyone experiences feelings of anxiety and worry many times throughout their lives. After all, these are normal reactions to the daily pressures of life.

But normal or not, these feelings can be so intrusive that they begin to impact your daily life.

Don’t you wish you could wave a magic wand and erase the anxiety that wakes you in the middle of the night or has you snapping at your kids, coworkers or spouse? Wouldn’t it be great to know a quick and easy way to bring yourself to a state of mindfulness where you, your thoughts, your reality and your experiences are all aligned in peaceful acceptance – so you can get on with that big project, achieving the next step toward your career goals, finishing your degree, living the life you’ve dreamed of, or just enjoying a fun evening at home with your family?

I have a secret to share with you. There is a sort of magic wand that can eliminate anxiety and restore mindfulness, and I can show you how to make it work for you!

No pills, no lengthy classes or programs, no complicated recitations, no costly props. With my One-Minute Mental Tune-Up™, you can clear your mind and lay the foundation for the good thoughts and experiences to fill your life to the brim. If you feel yourself becoming a little overwhelmed, a minute with this personal mental tool – shown to work in case after case – will put you back where you want to be.

I can teach you a technique – based on Buddhist mindfulness mediation – that shows you how to process stimulus and respond in a new, healthier way. It allows you to actually alter your brain chemistry. In only one minute a day – or whenever you need it – you can achieve the same benefits of clarity, relaxation and wellness that you’d expect from a daily 20-minute meditation. And you can learn how in just one session with me.

Let me help you live the life you are meant to live. Let me show you how easy it is to become the fully mindful human being you were born to be. You deserve it!

Learn more about quitting stress and achieving mindfulness with Dr. Steven Rosenberg here and at his website, Quit It Now.   

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